From Downtown New York to Uptown Waterloo Leena Thampan is at Home in The Cooperage

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Leena Thampan, proud Cooperage resident, is the Chief Marketing Officer of Wagepoint, a thriving payroll software startup. Using Wagepoint you can pay employees and keep the government happy with a simple and fast online platform for small businesses. Wagepoint is known for making payroll fun, with an extreme emphasis on customer service and an animated and outgoing system.

The startup life is a chaotic one, and Leena is right in its core! She works on product and service demand, new product development and brand awareness of new and existing products. Did we mention she also oversees all marketing and communications for Wagepoint?

Leena lives in a luxury suite at The Cooperage in Uptown Waterloo and she has a lot to say about her new home! Before Waterloo, she lived in a 1 bedroom high-rise New York condo, very similar to The Cooperage. Here’s what Leena had to say about her new Uptown Waterloo home:


Why the Barrel Yards?

Apartments want to be luxury but not everywhere pulls it off.

“I began house hunting in Waterloo with very little luck. After my New York condo, I have high standards! I was recommended The Cooperage and even though it was out of my Waterloo price range, I had to check it out. I walked into one of the model units and it was the fastest decision I ever made. The space was amazing. The amount of room was incredible and I fell in love with the finishes, the cabinetry, the quality and the subtle colour pallet.”

What do you look forward to most coming home to your Cooperage suite?

Staying in a hotel, I missed everything about my Cooperage home.

“I recently got back from a trip to Jamaica and my friend took notice of my excitement. I was beaming! She said “you’re happy to be back,” and I was. I was happy to be back home. The Cooperage has captured the essence of luxury so leaving a hotel and coming back here, doesn’t feel any different or any less luxurious.”

Barrel Yards Leena at the Cooperage

What’s your favourite room in your Cooperage suite?

It’s designed in a way that makes you feel like you are at home.

“I love being in my kitchen. I love cooking. The kitchen is my number one and the bathroom comes second. Having granite counters that can be cleaned easily is important to me. I need to know they are clean. It’s weird, but it truly makes me happy.”

What do you love about Uptown?

As somebody who works within a tech start up, the location is perfect.

“Having such close proximity to so many small businesses, where you can have meetings is a huge plus. The building is hooked up with high speed Internet everywhere. I can rent space to entertain customers, find private workspaces and have meetings all within my own home. The location is connected to everything from uptown shops, to grocery stores and highways. It’s unbelievably convenient.”

Who was your first guest?

The apartment is so big that my furniture is the problem.

“It was my sister and my friend who where the first to visit me in my new suite. All of my friends love it! It’s large enough to entertain so I can easily have guests and be the host.”

What makes where you live your home?

If you’re not living at The Cooperage you’re just not living.

“This place is home. I love opening my door and feeling like I am at home and they have made that easy. There’s so much storage that I can keep everything out of sight. They have really thought out the space and there is a spot for everything. There’s a lot of chaos in my life, working at a startup. The space is designed in a way that allows me to have a de-cluttered existence. With a busy lifestyle, I cannot put a value on that.”

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