Resident Spotlight: Meet Aidan Redpath

Resident Spotlight: Meet Aidan Redpath

Monday, January 4th, 2016

Previously on the Barrel Yards blog we have featured a startup CMO and a couple that downsized, all who lived at The Cooperage. This time around we decided to switch gears and introduce you to a young Software Engineer named Aidan Redpath, who currently lives with his roommate at The Onyx. Before landing his coveted position at Google, Aidan was a student at the University of Waterloo studying science in the cooperative program. Every four months Aidan found himself in a new internship at a new company. Through these internships, he was able to work in some amazing places including Dublin, San Francisco and Seattle before landing in Waterloo.

In this resident spotlight, we find out why Aidan chose to live at the Barrel Yards, what amenity he likes most, what he loves about Uptown Waterloo and more.

Why did you choose the Barrel Yards?

My roommate and I came across an ad for the Barrel Yards on Kijiji. The Onyx was the first building we saw and we instantly fell in love with it. We looked at two other buildings afterwards, but nothing we saw was as nice as The Onyx. Unlike other apartment buildings, The Onyx provided all the services we wanted with a luxurious feel to it.

What do you like most about living at the Barrel Yards?

The location is by far the best part about the Barrel Yards. We are in walking distance of Uptown Waterloo and have a gorgeous view of the park. We keep our blinds open most of the time just to look out at all the lights in the park!

What is your favourite on-site amenity?

I can frequently be found hanging out in the lounge playing board games with my friends. It is a great place relax and meet other tenants and there is always enough seats for people. I’m also really excited for the pool next summer.

How do you like living in Uptown Waterloo?

Living in uptown is great! Everything we need is within walking distance, especially the pubs. My roommate and I are usually at the Huether Hotel once a week to watch hockey and drink their local brews.

What would you tell someone interested in living at the Barrel Yards?

Treat yourself and live in luxury at the Barrel Yards. Everything is in close proximity, with a great view of Waterloo park and an amazing living space.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Interested to see for yourself what it is like to live in luxury at the Barrel Yards? Give us a call (519-883-8383) or visit our leasing centre for a tour.