Spring Cleaning Your Condo

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

The clocks moved forward and the snow has turned to rain. When the alarm went off for spring cleaning, did you hit the snooze button? This is your last chance! We’ve got the hottest tips and tricks to help you turn your winter condo wonderland into something worth hosting about.

Here are our 6 best organizational tips to help you spring into a cleaner home this season.

TIP 1: Hidden storage. Put your furniture to work and buy items that fulfill a purpose for the room in addition to being a vessel for your collections. Having an easily accessible storage location in plain site is a great way to save space and keep your condo clean.
barrel yards - hidden storage 1

A condo is your personal carved out space within a larger premises – that means no outdoor shed or garage to hide your undesirable collections out of sight. You have to be smart with your space, and a great way to do that is to invest in hidden storage.

TIP 2: Open shelving. Organize your shelved items into zones – know what goes where and eliminate items you don’t need. Don’t hide your mess – just leaves things out in the open and force yourself to eliminate the mess all together.
barrelyards - open shelving

If you are ever working with limited space in any room of your home, open shelving is a great way to display and organize your collections. This is especially effective for the kitchen. Being able to get an easy visual of your items means they have the capacity to always be organized – after all, if they’re not, you can tell right away.

TIP 3: Closet space. A recent trend we’re fond of is the office-closet. Put everything you need for a home office inside a spare closet – desk, computer, chair and what have you. Desks themselves are typically slender enough to tuck neatly into your closet – tuck the chair in and then all you have to do is pop the doors open when it’s time to work. It’s a great interpretation of space that allows you to open up alternative space and keep your condo tidy.

Barrel Yards - closet office blah

Think about what utility you want from the different spaces in your home, and you will realize that not all of it requires a lot of space. For example, needing desk space for working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you need a full home office.

TIP 4: Maximize your wall space. One word – maximize. Whether it’s using freestanding or built-in units, it’s important to use free real estate on your walls for something productive. There is an art to balance, and this is no exception. Maybe it’s not solid organizational units but rather organized displays: photos; cubbies; art; the list goes on.

barrelyards - wall space

TIP 5: Treat your wall space like a floor space. It’s important to maintain a balance between open space and strategic placement of important objects. You don’t want a blank wall, but you don’t want it complete covered either. Utilizing your wall space correctly is a key ingredient to baking the perfect organizational recipe.

TIP 6: Stack your books. Turn your reading material into building material. Stacking your larger books can be a great alternative to a side table, acting as a pedestal for display or great spot for your coffee beside the couch. It also gives you a chance to clean up all those extra books you have lying around. Stacking your books into a small table is a quirky way to tidy, display and utilize them for a different purpose – while still having them on hand to use for their original use: reading.

barrelyards - stacking books2

You live in a beautiful area, in a building filled to the brim with amenities, what else is there to want? Your space is the only thing you have to take care of in a condo, so make sure you do it properly. You take care of your space, and we’ll take care of the rest.
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