Photo of a Live/work suite at The Barrel Yards

Work Where You Live at The Barrel Yards.

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Imagine waking up in the morning and only having to travel down the stairs to get to work.  Research shows that a lengthy commute can have negative effects on your physical and mental health, and most of us want to save time wherever we can. Now, when you move in to The Barrel Yards, you now have the option of eliminating your commute by renting a live/work suite! Live/work spaces can be an excellent choice for professionals who want to streamline their lives by merging their work and home spaces.

Photo of an empty office space of the live/work collection
The Barrel Yards is on top of this trend, and is now renting live/work suites to help make life easier for Waterloo professionals. Here’s how it works: live/work suites at The Barrel Yards are multi-level units (see floor plans here), so they allow you to keep your work and personal life on separate floors! Use the ground floor for your studio, salon, clinic, or office space, and enjoy the upper floor for the rest of your personal needs. An external entrance for visitors to your business allows you to keep your work and personal life as separate as possible. The Barrel Yards’ convenient proximity to uptown Waterloo makes it a fantastic choice for both living and working.  

So how do you know if a live/work suite is right for you? 

Are you self-employed or a freelancer?

Is a large portion of your living made from freelance work of some kind? Maximize the effectiveness of your living space by choosing a unit that’s specifically designed for people like you! Using a home office can make it difficult to achieve work-life balance, and that’s why our live/work suites keep your business on the ground floor, while keeping your personal space above it. 

Are you a healthcare professional (like an RMT, physiotherapist, acupuncturist, or naturopath) looking for a way to simplify your life?

For many healthcare professionals with their own practice, a live work suite is the obvious choice. Cut costs by living and working in the same space.

Are you an artist or creative professional looking for studio space? 

Finding a great studio space that doesn’t break the bank can be challenging, which is why so many artists choose live/work suites. Turning your home into your studio space provides artists with a number of advantages – they save money by paying only one rent, and they also get to take advantage of creative bursts when inspiration strikes by keeping their studio close by!


Contact our leasing office today to find out if a live/work suite is right for you, and tour our beautiful units! We’re sure you’ll be glad you stopped by.