Your rainy day solution at The Barrel Yards

Friday, June 30th, 2017

While this summer hasn’t been the sunniest, The Barrel Yards residents have been anything but bored. Both The Cooperage and The Onyx boast private movie theatres that residents can rent for their own personal enjoyment! Here are four ways to use the movie theatre for some rainy day fun.


Classic Summer Movie Night

Screen a summertime favourite, like “Dirty Dancing”, “The Parent Trap” or “Wet Hot American Summer”. Relaxing with these summer movies will remind you of sunnier days!


Book a double spot and have a Game of Thrones marathon

With the newest season of GoT being released on July 16th, you might have some catching up to do. Whether you want to binge-watch last season or check out the newest episodes, do it on the big screen.


Have a big-screen karaoke festival

Grab your best friends and your hairbrush-microphone and get ready for some fun! Download some YouTube videos of your favourite songs (with lyrics) and get ready to sing your heart out.


Show off your family videos

Did grandma and grandpa miss your little one’s latest recital or the big game? Seeing it on the big screen will make it feel like they were there – especially if your whippersnapper is standing underneath the screen in full costume, following along to the video.

To book the theatre, all residents have to do is contact their resident liaison. Then, bring your own DVD or hook our system up to your laptop for hours of enjoyment!