Photo of the exterior sign at the live/work space for Uptown Massage and Wellness at The Barrel Yards

Resident Spotlight: Meet Ann Patton

Monday, September 25th, 2017

The Barrel Yards’ Newest Live/Work Space Resident

Our last resident spotlight focused on Kerilynn Mathers, who enjoys a stress-free lifestyle at The Onyx South tower. This month, we feature Ann Patton, a resident of one of our multifunctional live/work spaces. Ann chose The Barrel Yards for both her home and workplace; convenience and luxury at its finest. She currently runs a successful massage therapy clinic on the first floor and lives above the clinic on the second floor. Sipping her Venti Cinnamon Dolce latte on a crisp but sunny fall day, she shared her unique live/work space experience.

What made you choose The Barrel Yards’ live/work space?

We came upon it by chance, actually! We were selling our house, our kids were getting older, and we wanted to downsize. We weren’t interested in overbidding for a property just to own a house. So, we started looking at the live/work units that were available here and were impressed by the beautiful space and exceptional location.

What do you enjoy the most about living and working at The Barrel Yards?

I like it because it’s what I’m used to. I grew up in New Hamburg, so the small-town proximity is a significant benefit. It just works for our lifestyle. If someone needs an emergency appointment I can accommodate them as it’s so easy to fit people in last minute. And, no driving, which is a huge time – and stress – saver!

What is your favourite on-site amenity?

We were always barbecuing at home, and so we make great use of the barbecue terrace. The fitness room is also convenient, especially now that it’s September and we’re back to a solid routine.

Why does a live/work space work for you?

I think the live/work space is great for a massage therapy clinic. It’s perfect for myself, my clients, and the people who live in these buildings. We’ve only been open for a month and already, many Barrel Yards residents have booked appointments. We’ve even had residents come down in their pyjamas, so they get to be comfortable too! It’s like a built-in amenity; people appreciate the convenience of simply going downstairs and not having to deal with traffic and construction.

What would you tell someone considering a live/work space at The Barrel Yards?

It is so convenient to slip your shoes on and walk downstairs to work. You’re just steps away from UpTown Waterloo. I spend much less time sitting in traffic. It’s wonderful!