Welcoming Autumn at The Barrel Yards

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

We’ve all heard that one of the most important factors in choosing a place to live that you’ll love is: location, location, location. At The Barrel Yards, what our residents love is that we’ve got one of the best locations in town! There are so many incredible amenities at your fingertips when you’re this close to the UpTown Waterloo community, and the change in seasons brings new sights and sounds to enjoy. If enjoying the gorgeous view of Waterloo Park as the leaves change colour isn’t enough autumn action for you, check out these other ways to enjoy fall at The Barrel Yards.

Get Outside

Barrel Yards residents enjoy one of Waterloo Region’s most beautiful green areas steps away from their home, so when you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to get outside, Waterloo Park has you covered. Many of our residents are also dog owners (we LOVE dogs at The Barrel Yards), and enjoy close proximity to the many urban green spaces and trails close to The Barrel Yards. The Laurel Trail, Iron Horse Trail, and Spur Line Trail are also within easy walking distance of The Barrel Yards, so outdoor adventure is always at your fingertips.


Enjoy Seasonal Goodies

One of the many advantages to living so close to UpTown Waterloo is that treating yourself with a delicious baked good is always an option. If you’re craving a pie, large or small, Just Love Pie is steps from The Barrel Yards. If high-end French pastries are more your thing, Sabletine is just a little farther away and has everything to satisfy your sweet tooth from fruit tarts to croissants. As the Christmas season approaches, many of these pastry shops feature holiday-inspired treats to get The Barrel Yards residents in the mood for the season.

For when you want to be really cozy

Walk down to one of the many coffee shops in uptown and order yourself something warm: tea, hot chocolate, or dare we say, a pumpkin spice latte. Stay in the coffee shop, or take a stroll through all of the wonderful shops UpTown has to offer. We know you’ll find the perfect fall beanie somewhere hidden in UpTown Waterloo.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy the autumn season at The Barrel Yards? Let us know in the comments!

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