4 Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018

Maintaining a tidy, clutter-free home can be a real struggle sometimes. Whether you are running to-and-from meetings all day or are stuck at home in cyberspace trying to meet that big project deadline, it’s not always easy keeping your home goals in check. Life can get in the way, and that is okay. To help you breathe a sigh of relief when you walk through your apartment doors, we have compiled a list of four simple decluttering tips to get you started.

Reverse Hanger Trick


Do you ever look at your closet and think to yourself, “I can’t find anything in here”? While simultaneously thinking, “I have no clothes to wear!” This is a dilemma many individuals face. People form attachments to clothes and often, for various reasons, do not want to let them go.

This reverse hanger trick is a great way to put your closet ‘needs’ in perspective. Hang your clothing with the hangers hanging backwards. As you wear each article of clothing, hang those articles back facing the correct direction. By the end of the season, you will be able to tell which clothes you wore and which clothes you didn’t. People have the tendency of holding onto things they hope to fit into again one day, or that are super funky yet super impractical. This trick helps to eliminate unnecessary clutter while freeing up some prime closet real estate!

Tidy First, Buy Later


Scratch that rationale that is telling you need to buy more storage in order to properly organize your belongings. You never know what you have until you start going through it! Instead of getting into the habit of buying more of what you probably do not need, go through what you are keeping or getting rid of and you may need less storage than you originally thought!

One In, One Out Rule

Who doesn’t love buying that new pair of jeans or shoes, right? Instead of accumulating more and more items, adopt the one in-one out rule. For every item, you purchase, get rid of or donate one item. This will save you from adopting those pesky hoarding tendencies and will help you keep your closet priorities in check. If you are daring enough, try the one-in-two out rule!

Finish What You Start

So you have your garbage bags labelled “toss”, “donate” and “keep” (another great decluttering tip). Now what? You have completed one part of the decluttering task, now complete it fully! Don’t wait for your sister to come over to rummage through or you may be waiting a while. Either drive the bags directly over to her house, to the trash or to the donation facility. This will prevent you from second-guessing your decisions and will eliminate the mess taking over your apartment.

Decluttering is important for one’s clarity of mind and overall well-being. At the Barrel Yards, we pride ourselves on our beautifully designed spaces and the luxurious lifestyle they provide for our residents. Appreciating the beauty of the Onyx and the Cooperage rental suites and achieving your home goals is more easily attained when your home is clutter-free!