Spring Cleaning Made Easy at The Barrel Yards

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Spring cleaning is a task many homeowners dread; dusting, decluttering and organizing, it all becomes an unwelcome nuisance. At The Barrel Yards, we understand this annual frustration and have compiled a list of 5 spring cleaning tasks that you can complete quickly and easily to make your rental experience that much sweeter.

Motivation With A Side of Merlot

Everyone knows that the best way to motivate yourself to do something you’re dreading is to turn the pressure on. How do you do that? By inviting a friend over! Do you want your friend to see how much you’ve let yourself and your gorgeous apartment go? Of course not! Inviting a friend over for dinner or a drink is a great way to light a fire under your butt in order to get the job done quickly. Not to mention, the fun you will have after the cleaning is done in one fell swoop!

Dust First, Vacuum Second

If you remember one thing, dust first and vacuum second! When you dust, all of the dust particles fly up into the air and settle on the ground. If you choose to vacuum first, you will be doing double the work because you will have to go over your floors again. Work smarter, not harder!

Drab Drape Dilemma

Do your curtains look a bit dingy and dusty from the winter months? Place them in a dryer with a wet towel and let them run on the air-fluff cycle for 15 minutes. Hang them immediately afterwards. The towel will help remove any dust collected on the drapes, while simultaneously freshening the appearance of your curtains.


Do your sink and bathtub constantly accumulate gross limescale from hard water? Eliminate these unpleasant deposits by covering these areas with paper towels, dousing them with vinegar and letting them sit for 20 minutes. The vinegar will soften the hard substance, making it more manageable to clean. Try this trick with kettles, pots and pans as well!

Vertical Clothes Trick

Have you ever experienced that moment of utter frustration while looking into your once beautifully organized clothing drawer with each article of clothing folded neatly within, only to now see a crinkly mess? Then this last trick is for you! Fold your clothes like normal, but place them in your drawers vertically. This simple trick will help you save space by optimizing your drawers’ holding capacity, and it will maximize the visibility of your clothing. The latter is crucial for eliminating the daily need to rummage through your drawers to find that perfect top or trousers! Thank you, BuzzFeed, for this ingenious tip!

Living and renting at The Barrel Yards alleviates a lot of the big stressors associated with home care, such as lawn mowing, shovelling, and site maintenance; however, for small spring cleaning and housekeeping tasks, you can rest assured these 5 quick tips will help to keep your home spotless over springtime!