Hosting: Party Decorating Tips

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

You have your delicious seasonal recipes prepped and ready, but what about your party atmosphere? We know, we know —The Barrel Yards suites are gorgeous enough on their own, but whatever occasion you are celebrating, decor can turn the dial up on any festivity! There are a few things you have to figure out before hitting the store. First, who are the guests you are catering to? Do you have a theme in mind? Where will you be hosting your guests? Having all of these questions answered prior to venturing off to shop Uptown can really make your shopping experience go much smoother.


Think about the occasion you are celebrating. Canada Day and summer themed parties are just a couple of upcoming occasions that come to mind. If you are hosting Canada Day at The Barrel Yards, show pride in your home-and-native-land by decking your suite in red and white! We recommend heading to your local Michaels 5 minutes down the road and getting crafty. They have blackboards, chalk, and an array of Canada themed decor items, perfect for getting you and your guests in the CanEHdian spirit!

As for summer parties, you cannot go wrong with tropical fruit, flowers, bright colours, greenery, and camping themed decor.


Hosts often underestimate the power of lighting when preparing for an epic party. Lighting is important because it can change the whole vibe you are trying to create! We love the look of indoor Edison LED lights for any occasion. They are sleek, classy, and have that luxurious antiquey feel. Tea lights on the other hand, are perfect for creating a quaint, romantic atmosphere. Try a mini version of the tealight bucket above in order to make a breathtaking indoor centerpiece! Just make sure to keep it away from any flammable objects!

Geometric terrariums make the perfect capsules for cordless LED twinkle lights! Not only do they look stunning, they do not require a plugin. This makes them super safe and convenient for placing around your suite. If you are aiming for a more upbeat gathering, indoor lanterns and string lights are ideal. You can find the funky cacti string lights, pictured above, at Pier1 for that extra lively indoor summer party!

Table Setting & Centerpieces

If you have already conquered the stores, you may have forgotten one crucial step. Before shopping, the first thing you should do is assess how many people will be attending, and account for them in your table layout. This will save you both time and effort. If you have a smaller group coming, a sit-down dinner may be desirable. If you have a medium sized group attending, you may prefer a cocktail and appetizer style layout. For the latter, we recommend pushing the tables off to the side, allowing your guests room to stand and mingle. Another great option for hosting larger guest counts is to rent one of our spacious and luxurious lounges at The Barrel Yards! They are terrific for entertaining.

Decorative accents such as flower arrangements, candles, or garlands can really create a welcoming aesthetic. If you opt for flower centrepieces, don’t go too tall so you can still see your guests on the other side of the table. Floating candle bowls are always a beautiful choice if you are having a more formal dinner party. Check out the images above for more summer-inspired table setting ideas!

Appetizer and Drink Table Decor

Having an appetizer table is a great way to make the best of your space. It can also be so much fun for decorating because you are not constricted by functionality. No one has to push their chair in or be obstructed by an oversized centerpiece in order to see to the other side of the table. That allows you to have a little more flexibility with what you wish to do. We simply love the gold pineapple balloon from Etsy, above! It makes the perfect addition hanging above a summer drink or appetizer table.

If you love a little bit of glam and sophistication but wish to simplify your hosting duties, have a drink bucket for your guests to GTOB (Grab Their Own Booze). Tip: add some sparkles, confetti or flowers to the ice cubes you put in your bucket to really mesmerize your guests! Tissue paper garlands are fun and easy to DIY! We recommend using them as a nice appetizer or drink table backdrop.

With these decor tips, you will surely become the host/hostess with the mostest! Now turn the beats up and the smiles on with The Barrel Yards. Every good host needs the perfect ‘venue’. Book a tour with us and soon your perfect venue can be your new home!