Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Wednesday, August 15th, 2018

Are you trying to declutter your beautiful kitchen but don’t know where to begin? We have some genius renter-friendly solutions that can help you maximize your kitchen space and turn it from a cluttered mess to the haven it’s meant to be!

Stand-Free Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holder

There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about a roll of white fluff taking up vital space on your countertop. However, paper towels are one of those staple items that are used daily in our homes and we cannot live without! What can you do?

Although hiding rolls under the kitchen sink is an option, a better solution is to purchase an under the shelf paper towel holder. This allows you to reach it easily when you have a spill or splatter, without taking up all of your precious counter space!

Fridge Organizers

fridge organizer


If you are tired of having to rummage through the contents of your fridge to find what you are looking for, clear stackable fridge organizers are the perfect solution for you! These are also fantastic if you find that you do not have enough shelving within your fridge. You can stack these containers, allowing you to maximize all the space in your fridge! Have a dinner party and need more room for goodies? These bad boys will be a godsend!

Magnetic Everything!

magnetic spice jars

Addicted to Decorating

Love spices but hate the amount of space they take up in your cupboards? You don’t have to ditch the flavours you love. Create your very own spice bazaar instead, using magnetic spice jars! Hang them on your fridge, on your walls, or under your cupboards for easy access.

magnetic knifes

Magnetic knife or utensil planks are also a terrific option for eliminating counter clutter! Simply stick them to the wall using heavy-duty adhesive Command Strips and voila! These strips are great because they do not chip paint or damage your tiles. Just make sure you are adhering to a flat surface and choosing strips that are able to handle the weight of the knives and plank together.

Recipe, Memo & Meal Prep Solutions

mail organizer

The Turquoise Home

Save your drawers for what you really need them for and optimize your walls for the rest! Paper products such as recipes, notes, invitations or meal planning schedules can create a mess really quickly, especially when they get splattered with pasta sauce while cooking! Installing mail organizers, cork boards, chalkboards or whiteboards on your kitchen walls can drastically increase functionality, shelf space and add a touch of interest to your walls! Again, Command Strips work wonders for hanging.

Under the Sink Clear-out Options

storage containers
Pinterest- Marusia

The area under the sink is often the most underwhelming because it is usually filled with cleaning supplies, garbage bags, or items you don’t care to display to your guests. However, that does not mean it has to look underwhelming! Spruce it up by adding clear, stackable storage containers, or a small, multi-layer cleaning caddy. We love the idea of (again) using Command Hooks to hang items on the interior of the cupboards, like gloves or dish towels!

Residents often spend a good portion of their day in the kitchen, so why not make that time enjoyable and stress-free by limiting the amount of clutter? Try out some creative kitchen solutions in your suite’s kitchen and breathe a sigh of relief! Don’t live at The Barrel Yards? Come by and take a tour of your dream kitchen today!