Best Pets for Apartment Living

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

You find a beautiful apartment listed online only to scroll down to see the dreaded “no pets” caption listed below. You feel disheartened because you always envisioned adding a furry friend to your family after finding the right home.

Don’t fret, at The Barrel Yards we pride ourselves on being a pet-friendly facility! We understand that animals are more than just good companions. Their presence can positively impact a resident’s mental health. Are you planning on making a pet a part of your life? Here is a list of the best pets for apartment living.


Feline friends top the charts as the most apartment friendly pets. Why? With the exception of the occasional meow, cats are seen and not heard and sometimes not seen either! This makes for very happy neighbours who prefer an undisturbed lifestyle. Also, cats don’t require walking, they clean themselves and are content with inhabiting limited spaces.

As long as they have enough freedom to roam and enough toys to occupy them both physically and mentally, they are happy. We highly recommend British Shorthair cats because they are loyal, loving, smart and suitable for indoor living! Plus, they require very little maintenance due to their virtually shed-free coat!


Not a cat person, but still want a furry friend to keep you company? Dogs are the way to go! Don’t take our word for it just ask Megan, featured in our last Resident Spotlight blog! Here is what she had to say about living at The Barrel Yards:

The number of dogs in the building is one of the biggest perks. We have an overly-affectionate 80-pound Bernedoodle named Max with a habit of begging for attention from every person he passes. Living in a building where dogs are so widely accepted has played a big role in helping us settle in quickly. If you love puppies, this is the place for you.”

Pooch pals are great because they are loyal, playful, curious creatures that, depending on the breed, can make great apartment additions! We recommend:


  • French Bulldogs for their playful, quiet nature. They rarely bark, making them ideal for apartment living.
  • Bulldogs for their gentleness and ability to snooze the day away. They are content sleeping and moseying about.
  • Boston Terriers for their affectionate demeanor. They love company but are most happy when they get their daily brisk walks.
  • Toy & Miniature Poodles for their intelligence. They love a good cuddle session and a long walk through Waterloo Park.


Do you prefer low maintenance pets that allow you the freedom to come and go as you please? Goldfish, Platy fish, and Betta or Siamese Fighter fish are some of the most common apartment fish.

While all three are quite easy to keep happy, Platy fish are terrific because not only do they eat any type of food you give them, they will also clean the algae forming at the bottom of the tank! Goldfish are the most common household fish due to their high intelligence and social nature. Betta fish are often chosen for the home because of their beautiful flowing fins, bright colours and ability to live in small spaces. Beware: these fish are very territorial, so only keep one fighter fish per tank.

Reptiles and Rodents

Do you prefer a pet that is a little more unusual? Box and slider turtles, bearded dragon lizards, leopard geckos, and corn snakes make safe and adequate apartment companions. They just require a source of food and a decently sized habitat enclosure to flourish. Rodents such as guinea pigs and hamsters are favourites among young children because they are small, fluffy, and love being fed! Since these animals need their own space, you keep any mess contained and easy to manage.

Struggling to decide where to plant your family roots? Renting does not have to mean losing your freedom. At The Barrel Yards, we understand that a family is comprised of all sorts of two, four, or no-legged members. Book a tour and see what freedom feels like for yourself!