Decorating Your Apartment for the Holidays

Friday, December 14th, 2018

The holidays are considered the most wonderful time of year for a reason! It’s a time for celebrating, family, food and embracing the festive surroundings of the season. What better way to observe this festive season than by a timely transformation? Below are some decor ideas to help you make your luxurious space as special as its resident!

Untraditional Holiday Accents

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There is something magical about getting creative during the holidays. Why not apply this to traditions and make them fit your surroundings? While a full-sized tree is beautiful, with limited space a simple or smaller alternative can be just what you need. Choosing a table-top tree will prevent excess twig and needle fallout and maximize your square footage. If you don’t have time to decorate a tree, a few pine boughs can go a long way! Check out the adorable branch display in the top right photo for inspiration.

Feeling inspired? Attach your ornaments to a corkboard with thumbtacks in the shape of a tree. This option allows you to save space and move your tree wherever you see fit. Don’t limit yourself to a tree design either. This option is perfect for any holiday shape! Keep the holiday sentiments intact, without sticking with the traditional decor.

Festive Table Decor & Room Rentals

The Barrel Yards is the perfect community for hosting small or large holiday dinner parties. Our luxury suites feature an open concept layout equipped with stylish, top-of-the-line appliances: ideal for hosting your friends and family. If you want to invite even more guests, we also offer lounge rentals to our residents. Feel free to deck your dinner table or the lounge with your favourite festive garlands! It’s your space as much as it is ours.

Festive DIY Projects

Decorating for the holiday season does not mean you have to completely redefine your space. Put down the hammer and nails and display some simple yet elegant holiday inspired pieces in your home. We love this playful DIY “Noel” sign above!

Reinventing Holiday Ornaments

Paige Knudsen via Pinterest

Are you lounging in your comfy suite, wondering how your holidays can get that much better? We got just the tip for you! Repurpose your festive ornaments by displaying them in a charming decorative bowl. Put them somewhere in close view (such as on your coffee table or kitchen counter), so that you can always be reminded of the beauty of this time of year.

Decorative Candles & Balcony Lights

Candles can turn any space into a holiday haven. Create a festive atmosphere in your own suite with some beautiful pillar candles and artificial greenery, encased behind a glass holder. We highly recommend using flameless candles for a safer holiday experience!

Don’t forget — now is your chance to light up your balcony! Once a year, residents of The Barrel Yards get to show their holiday spirit by illuminating their balconies for the whole community to enjoy.

For any questions on holiday lounge rentals or decor restrictions, contact us and we would be happy to help! Now, who’s ready to fa la la la la the night away at The Barrel Yards? Silly question — you are!