Hello Balcony Season!

Wednesday, May 1st, 2019

The clocks have moved forward, days are getting longer, and temperatures are finally warming up! It’s safe to say, spring has officially sprung!

At The Barrel Yards we look forward to the change of season.  It’s time for spring beginnings; to get the patio furniture out of storage; to think about our planters, and to prepare our outdoor living spaces to  enjoy those long summer days.

We are fortunate at The Barrel Yards; all our luxury suites come with a balcony, or grand terrace to take advantage of the wonderful summer weather. Our designers have gone to great lengths to maximize the exterior spaces to include balconies and terraces in all shapes and sizes. The best part is, there is one to fit every lifestyle.

Residents who enjoy outdoor living have been able to personalize their balcony or terrace to reflect their style, as well as stage their outdoor living area to enhance how they enjoy spending their time.  Balconies are usually used for a place for relaxation. Softening up the area with a cafe table and lounge chairs allows your outdoor furnishings to provide diversity. One minute it is a quiet reading nook, the next leading into the opportunity for bistro dining. Adding potted plants, a string of patio lights, and a couple of throw pillows can really make your outdoor area inviting.

One of our most popular 2-bedroom floor plans known as the Schaefer has a unique feature of a wrap-around balcony located on all 4 corners of our Cooperage towers. A lovely advantage of creating two separate staging areas providing two distinctly different views all in the same balcony experience.

A variety of floor plans can be found showcasing the spectacular landscapes and seasons of Waterloo Park. From spring in bloom to summer in full motion. Much to see and appreciate with its panoramic views from baseball diamonds, forest trails, green spaces, sports fields, Victorian style gardens and gazebos.

West facing suites are unobstructed providing the most sensational sunset views. A perfect place to sip a glass of wine after long hard day, or a quiet little siesta on the weekend.

Grand terrace suites can be found in both our Penthouse Collection and most affordably in some of our 1 plus dens, and 2-bedroom floor plans located on the 3rd floor of the Onyx towers. A fantastic use of space providing never ending options for decorating and living.

Beyond the use of the Residents personal outdoor living area, the Barrel Yards community has an array of amenities to continue carrying the fun outdoors. Both the Cooperage and the Onyx towers are graced with multiple outdoor lounges, roof top grilling stations, and sun decks. The Onyx features its platinum amenity of a deep blue salt water infinity pool, while the Cooperage has a private terrace on the 23rd floor facing Waterloo Park, available to rent for private functions. On the grounds is a private park, and of course our prized claim to fame for unbeatable location, adjacent to the Waterloo Park.

Whatever your choice is in selecting the perfect condo style apartment suite, your outdoor area will provide additional space for some outdoor living. Selecting the perfect view is not always necessary when well thought out design of amenities have been incorporated in the integrity of the site plan allowing all residents the use for quiet enjoyment!