12 Unique Valentines Day Dates at Home

Wednesday, January 27th, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner – and trying to think of unique and creative date ideas, while adding a little sugar and spice to everyday-life-at-home, isn’t an easy feat. We’ve got you covered though – with not only the perfect place to call home, but also with these 12 unique and creative Valentine’s day dates. So, grab your sweetheart, turn off the phones for the night, and get ready to enjoy a little love, life & sweet excitement at home. 


1. Paint Night Add canvas, acrylic paint, wine, brushes, find a paint tutorial on YouTube, your favourite date and get your art on! Great for couples, the whole family, or even an extended group – plan in advance, share the project link, host a video group chat and share your results at the end for a fun night with good times, great memories and some unique art pieces. 


2. Vinyl Listening Party. There’s nothing like a little hands-on nostalgia to bring some charm, ambience, and good vibes to your Valentine’s Day date at home. Find yourself a turn-table (new school or old school), some classic tunes on vinyl, and get ready for a date night that’s outta sight. Don’t have access to records or a record player? Cuddle up and listen to an old-timey scary radio program, like The Scariest Radio Episodes of All Time


3. Dancing & Cocktails. Who says a date night at home can’t be fun and fancy? Grab your dancing partner, find a dance tutorial that fits your style and experience level, like this Salsa Intro for beginners, and get on the makeshift dance floor. For extra fun, pick an era or style of dance and set the scene with international decor to add to the vibe. Toss in some coordinating outfits and cocktails and get ready to dance the night away, at home and in style.


4. Online Music Lessons. Looking for a new hobby that you can explore together? Whether you’re seasoned musicians or total rookies, learning a new instrument, or spending time playing together can be a great way to have fun and bond in a creative way. Buy, borrow, rent an instrument or try to makeshift some at-home beats with items already in your home – like these funky bongo beat tutorials


5. Fondue Date Night. It’s impossible to not have fun with fondue. Whether you’re whipping up white chocolate, dark chocolate, oil, or cheese – fondue gives you limitless options for adding a little something sweet (and savoury) to your Valentine’s Date night at home. Fruits, cakes, cookies, vegetables, and even meats are delectable choices and make a great mouth-watering addition to your evening.


6. Home Spa Date. Candles, massages, bubble baths, fluffy robes, cozy fires, and feeling pampered all night long sounds like a perfect addition to any night. Add a gift set of bath bombs, oils, your favourite drinks, and the perfect playlist to help set the mood – and you and yours will have all the fixings for a spectacular date at home. 


7. International Cuisine Challenge. The options are endless for great dates on Valentine’s Day and beyond. Simply pick a region and build your date night menu and decor around the theme. Feeling Italian? Homemade pizza, pasta, antipasto, wine and cheese. How about Mexican? Think taco and nacho bars with guacamole, pico de gallo, and margaritas. Looking for something a little more adventurous? Try your hand at homemade sushi and California rolls with sake. The fun comes from both creating these cuisine concoctions and enjoying them together, which will tease your taste buds and leave you hungry for whatever else the night brings.


8. Create a Bucket or Adventure-Wish-List. Just because we’re spending this Valentine’s date night at home, doesn’t mean there isn’t more adventure ahead in the future – and having goals to dream about and work towards can bring you closer together. Explore places and ideas of things you’d love to do – visit the Pyramids at Giza, follow the Malt Whisky Trail in Scotland, build a family business empire, – or simply plan to spend some time together in swanky Uptown Waterloo or in our beautiful Canadian backyard. Create a vision board or map out your plans in a scrapbook for a hands-on reminder of your dreams and goals together. 


9. Home Theatre Movie Marathon. Enjoy the comforts of life on the big-screen right in your own home or luxury apartment! Create or rent a DIY theatre with a projector, screen, (or hang a sheet with string lights for extra romance and charm!) cozy pillows, blankets, snacks, and your perfect partner for curling up with. Run the gauntlet with romantic movies or scary ones to help keep your sweetheart extra close. 


10. Get Your Game On. Looking for something to add some challenge and excitement to your date night at home? Try setting up an indoor mini-golf course, poker table, Mario-Kart challenge, Nerf gun war, karaoke sing-off…you name it, it’s time to have some fun with it. If you’re feeling risky, and frisky – try making some fun, sexy bets for the winner of each round to claim – adding a little more fun and anticipation to your games.


11. Get Puzzled. Looking for a project for you and your honey to work on together over a few date nights? Find yourself an interesting puzzle you both like, build it, frame it, and hang it as a keepsake of cute times and awesome things you’ve created together.


12. Virtual Museum Tours. Feeling hungry for a little more culture for your Valentine’s date night at home? Many museums are offering virtual tours and exhibits to visit online and are the perfect addition for adding a little class and culture within your home or apartment walls. Add wine, cheese, and make a plan to visit:


We hope you’ve enjoyed these 12 unique Valentine’s day date ideas – just perfect for those living at The Barrel Yards in Uptown Waterloo or wherever else you might call home. Enjoy your date nights lovebirds, and we’ll see you next time on The Barrel Yards Blog!