Top 5 Home Decor Trends for 2021

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

2020 redefined what our homes meant to us. Suddenly our places weren’t just apartments and houses – they became work, school, gym, literally everything, and anything – and most of us found that we were in need of some updates to keep up with the times – and boost our moods. Now that we’ve had some time to adjust, it’s the perfect time to spice up the spaces, walls, and decor that we’ve been looking at for so long, with our Top 5 Home Decor Trends for 2021.


1. Indoor Living

What boosts your mood and productivity, lowers stress, and looks dynamite in your home? Plants do! Hands down, houseplants offer a quick, easy, cost-effective, beneficial, and beautiful way to update the look and feel of your space. Find brightly coloured pots or rattan planters, and shop your local nurseries or garden centres for leafy greens and bright, cheery blooms to add a little more life, colour, variety, and visual appeal. Plant-shop locally online and pick up your new plants at Belgian Nursery or many other nurseries close to Uptown Waterloo.


2. Bright + Bold Colours

2021 brings a fresh, bold, and bright punch of colour to accent our lives with – and it couldn’t come at a better time. For fresh new colour trends for 2021, we’re seeing vivid colour palettes filled with jewel-tones like ruby, sapphire, and plum, intermixed with earthy shades like saffron and cypress. Our favourite new look is a neutral wall base accented with framed artwork featuring bold colours and unique, eye-catching designs. Expand your vibrant colour scheme by adding coordinating accent pillows, lampshades, and textured area rugs. Whatever colour best brightens your mood – we think you’ll find that bright, bold, and beautiful accents will bring out the best side of yourself and your spaces.


3. Sustainable Chic

With the rise of work-from-home life, we’ve found ourselves spending a lot more time indoors, while also looking for more comfort in our surroundings. No longer are we looking for that perfectly polished feel for our homes, we’re seeing a big demand for nostalgia, tradition, nature, and reminders of comforting times come and gone. Unique layers of repurposed, antique, retro, and organic textures combine to create a layered look with depth, and lots of warmth for your apartment or home. Add pieces such as macramé, rattan, plaster, wicker, antiques, and china teacups filled with succulents. Add crocheted plant hangers and throw blankets with bright colours to add texture and crafty comforts. Can’t get enough outdoors in your indoors? Create a living divider or wall with low-maintenance ivy vines or a quaint balcony setup with wicker furniture, big textured pillows, potted plants, and floral paper lanterns or string lights. Add to your decor overtime to get the perfect, cohesive look and feel for your home, and all of it’s places and purposes.


4. Statement Furniture Pieces

The time of matchy-matchy furniture pieces has passed…at least for now. People are looking for statement furniture pieces that speak to their unique tastes and personalities, as opposed to the traditional, coordinated sets we’ve become familiar with. Fall in love with your rooms by adding pieces that represent your individual passions, arts, memories, and more – and the less they match, the better. Allow your personal style to shine through with statement headboards, Murphy desks, ornately framed mirrors and art, bed canopies, chalk-painted armoires, and bold accent chairs in complementary colours. Looking to add a little flair on a smaller budget? Add vintage-inspired floral or bold print slipcovers to your chairs or couches for a quick and easy style and decor upgrade. Be sure to check out our Barrel Rewards program for great discounts on local home furnishings in Waterloo! 


5. Industrial Combinations

Looking for a way to create separation and distinction between your home and work spaces? While we love the 2021 interior style vibe, creating a separate feel for our work space can be downright essential when it seems like everything takes place in the same space. Industrial styling is another trend that we’re seeing make great headway – and it fits perfectly with an efficient, de-cluttered office vibe. By mixing metals, woods, neutral colours, plenty of sunlight and natural elements like stone accent pieces and green foliage – you’ll find the perfect mix of functional, modern, and traditional. Shift your style focus for a different flavour between your work, living and play spaces, and you’ll find inspiration and more productivity in all corners of your home.


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