The Evolution of Oktoberfest

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Kitchener Waterloo has a 53-year-old tradition of celebrating German culture, heritage, community – and of course, delicious German food through their annual Oktoberfest celebration. As with all good traditions that run the test of time, how we celebrate our KW region’s German roots and our typical Oktoberfest-ivities evolves over time, much like it has these past two years. In our ongoing effort to make life as decadent and enjoyable as possible for our Barrel Yards residents, we’re taking this opportunity to share our favourite local eats, sweets, and authentic German-inspired activities to keep your taste-buds tantalized and your cultural senses satisfied. So sit back, get ready to indulge – and enjoy all that our local Waterloo region has to offer. 



Regardless of the time of year, food brings people and communities together.  Throughout the month of October though, there’s no denying that the German-inspired cuisine found peppered throughout Kitchener Waterloo holds a special appeal for those looking to celebrate German culture and indulge in the finest of German delicacies. Hold on to your Alpine, trenker, and jaeger hats and get ready to savour these mouth-watering morsels and meals. 

The Concordia Club

The Concordia Club has been providing the ultimate German-inspired experience within the Kitchener Waterloo region for over 130 years. As perhaps the most established and recognized micro-Festhallen, The Concordia Club delivers outstanding, authentic Bavarian cuisine, an impressive ambience, and venue featuring stunning murals, classic German design, and a dedicated charter mission set on preserving the German language, customs, and traditions within the Kitchener and Waterloo region. Learn interesting facts about The Concordia Club while you dine on some of our following Top 5 favourite dishes:

  1. Wiener Schnitzel. Self-explanatory and delicious. Not to be missed!
  2. Leberkäse: Pan fried Bavarian meatloaf, topped with an egg and guaranteed to tempt your tastebuds into coming back for more. 
  3. Alpenschinken Platter: This platter of generous portions includes cured alpine ham, pickled vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, rye bread, and a happily satisfied, full stomach afterwards.
  4. Concordia Platter: Does it get any better than a spread like this? Make it a feast with a cabbage roll, Schnitzel, German bratwurst, mashed potatoes, and fine German sauerkraut.
  5. Cabbage Rolls: One of our absolute favourites – delicious homemade cabbage rolls served with delicious sides.



Hailing from generations of German Master Bakers, Bread and Bretzel Basket has honed the art of creating and baking breads and pastries that are both delicious and dazzling. Available for online orders and in-store pickup, it’s a daunting task to decide which delicacies your family should try first. Check out our Top 5 authentic German picks from Bread and Bretzel Basket

  • Cherry Streusel: Fresh cherries baked in soft pound cake and topped with shortbread streusel. Simply delish! 
  • Almond Horn: A deliciously soft cookie made with marzipan, roasted almonds, and finished off with a chocolate dip.
  • Pig Ear: A crisp, caramelized puff pastry, sweet and delicious on it’s own – or available with a dark-chocolate dip. 
  • Sausage Roll: A delicate, flaky pastry wrapped around a tender and savoury beef sausage. A Bavarian classic and a must try! 
  • Berliner: These light German-style donuts are filled with raspberry compote and will simply melt in your mouth. Better order 2! 



No October is complete without a little extra frothy beer in our steins to celebrate the season! While we recommend that you check out our Best Waterloo Region Beers to Raise a Pint To blog post for an in-depth peek at our most recommended local breweries – when it comes to celebrating our local German roots, we have to give an honourable mention to Waterloo Brewing’s Waterloo Festbier. This Munich-style lager is made with the finest German malt and hops, and is brewed for a limited time only to celebrate the Oktoberfest season. Order yours today and celebrate Gemütlichkeit with your nearest and dearest. Prost!



With the adjustments necessary to keep everyone safe and involved this season, our typical Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest celebration has evolved to offer creative ways to soak in the German culture and experience – often from the comfort of your own beautiful Barrel Yards home. Read on for our Top 5 suggestions for Oktoberfest appreciation and entertainment in our own local backyard.

  • Traditional German Dance: Every Oktoberfest celebration needs an element of traditional dance! Thankfully, Felix from the Alpine Dancers is here to help you learn a few basic Alpine dance moves, to help you knock your knee-high socks off – no matter where you’re celebrating from. 
  • German Museums and Galleries: You’ll unearth endless hours of culture and entertainment while exploring these virtual German museums and galleries
  • Film and Theatre: The Waterloo Centre for German Studies endeavours to support German-related cultural programming for our wider community, and is offering online German-related activities for this time of social distancing. Explore a sampling of their Film, Theatre, Podcasts, and Music selections to inspire, educate, and entertain.  
  • Language: Stay entertained at home by learning to speak German! Check out this list of links and resources from the folks at So German – and even better, you can learn for free! 
  • Board Games: German culture is famous for having a passion for playing – and developing some excellent strategy-based board games. Embody the German tradition at home by challenging your friends and family to a competitive game of German-invented The Settlers of Catan


We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions and love of all things German to explore in the Kitchener Waterloo region and beyond. If you’ve not yet had a chance to visit our stunning luxury apartment living in Uptown Waterloo, we invite you to book a tour and visit The Barrel Yards today! See you next time on the blog!