2021 Winter Decor Ideas to Warm Up To At The Barrel Yards

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

The new chilly season has all of us in the mood for a refresh and an extra element of warmth and coziness to keep us grounded, happy, and well-decorated at home. In order to help keep you inspired, we’ve collected our favourite, must-have winter 2021 decor trends to share with you. So, grab yourself a hot cup of something delicious, a cozy blanket, and settle in to read The Barrel Yards’ team’s favourite ideas to spice up your space this winter of 2021.


Add More Warmth

This season we’re feeling most at home with grounded, earthy tones that add warmth and tie into our existing neutral shades to build upon for a homier feel. With the changing of the seasons, we’re seeing a shift from the shades of white and strictly sophisticated decor we’ve been focused on and are seeing that now is the time to get more relaxed, with elements of unique art and personal style to add warmth. Out with perfection, and in with one-of-a-kind style – use this opportunity to incorporate something handmade or artisan-created to showcase a hobby or interest you have as a focal point of your decor. Create a visual statement with a needlepoint, painting, or a statement addition like a live edge coffee table or plaster or terracotta sculpture or statue.


Cozy, Comfortable Textures

We’re looking to stay chic, but cozy and ultra-relaxed this year. We’re adding more elemental style to our existing pieces by including patterned and textured pieces with artisan touches such as wood, concrete, rattan, ceramics, and pampas. We’re updating our looks for something more earthy and sustainable, made with materials and fabrics that offer warmth, quality, texture, and we want pieces to invest in that are going to last us a long time and offer appreciation and enjoyment for years to come.


Invite the Celebration

Where we used to meet friends and family out for dinner – now we’re often craving the intimacy of a private, at-home gathering within our social circles. One of our top suggestions for inviting this type of less-formal coziness into our environment is by swapping out some of your dining chairs for a bench dining seat! This single addition can change the whole vibe within your space, creating a beautiful ambience and atmosphere for your next gathering. Not into benches? Try a new rattan or a knit-bean-bag-chair addition in a warm earthy tone to add comfort and closeness to your next soiree.


Textured Upholstery

In line with our desire for plush, cozy comforts this winter – we’re thrilled to see Velvet making a big comeback. With heavier, textured fabrics bringing warmth and comfort to your spaces – having a luxurious statement piece of furniture is a fantastic way to add style, personality, and a great sense of warmth to your surroundings. Pull those lush velvets into your decor through earth-toned couches, loveseats, accent chairs, or even pillow covers to add some depth and irresistible hands-on texture.


Colour Couture

Add some chic to your decor with the newest colour trends hitting our homes this fall. We love the indigo-blue velvet from our last suggestion, paired with earthy tones, neutrals, and the hottest picks from the newest complement of umber, eggplant, onyx (one of our personal favourites, for obvious reasons!), terracotta, ochre, dusty green, pumpkin, and chocolate brown. Incorporate through table covers, pillows, throws, homey art pieces such as needlepoint and crochet, lamps, placemats, and more to warm up your interiors.


Natural & Raw Finishes

We’re trading in the high-gloss, polished furnishings and finishes this season and are searching for something more raw and authentic to showcase our personality at home. The more elemental and rugged, the better – with live edges and unfinished wood grains capturing our interest and adding incredible character and warmth to our safe spaces. Just like our personalities, we want to see natural aspects such as wood and stone, texture and beautiful imperfection. If you’re looking to start slow with a quaint new piece to explore this design trend, we suggest a piece with warm-wooden textures like this lovely hand woven rattan tray – just perfect for a coffee table centrepiece featuring candles or books or a must-have leather, round pouf Ottoman.


Layers Upon Layers

Is there anything better than adding new blankets or throws to cozy up your space on those cooler days? Flannel fabrics, wool, faux fur, chunky knits with accent pillows, ultra-soft fabrics, and natural textures can help create the perfect new space in a window seat, reading nook, or just a comfortable spot on the couch to curl up with. Grab a coordinating wicker basket in neutral tones that will help keep your layers, knits, and throws tucked away when you’re not using them and keep your space looking organized, stylish, and welcoming.


Festive Flowers

The changing seasons give us fantastic inspiration and opportunity to add warmth, vibrancy, and punches of colour to brighten up our at-home environments. Adding to our natural textures with pampas, rattan, wicker, and raw woods – we can’t get enough of dried florals with base earth tones, and bright additions of burnt orange, purples, burgundy, reds, deep greens, and browns. Exchange your shades of white for something warmer this season, adding dried flowers or floral prints on pillows, art prints, or chair covers for a warmer, more nostalgic sense of comfort and style.


Lantern Lighting

Inviting, charming, and filled with warmth – our final must-have winter decor addition is a set of lanterns to bring illuminated ambience to our spaces. Perfect for your entryway, living room, bedroom, patio, and beyond – lanterns provide a beautiful dimension and depth to your decor, with a hint of elegance to set the mood. While we would currently pair them with rich, comforting colour accents…these lanterns will transition naturally into the perfect focal point for your upcoming holiday and New Year’s decorating themes as well. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our top tips for winter decor to warm up to at The Barrel Yards! If you’re looking for a beautiful new luxury apartment to decorate for the upcoming season in Uptown Waterloo, we invite you to connect with our leasing team today to schedule your own private tour of our luxurious suites. Come join us, at The Barrel Yards and we’ll see you next month on the blog!